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AEA Branding

Media Kit

The AEA Media Kit includes 4 AEA Logos in high resolution. Our logo comes in Color (2 versions), White, and Black. For usage and helpful tips and tricks, see "Branding and Usage" below.

Each logo is 2160 x 2160, and can be sized down.

Branding and Usage


Our primary logos. Utilize the black font on a light background, and the white font on a dark background. These logos should be used at all times if possible.

Our white logo. Utilize the white logo on a dark background, but the background should never be black. Ensure there is enough contrast between the logo and background, as the background should be sufficiently dark in order to read the "Amateur Esports Association".

Our black logo. Only utilize the black logo for print media. Black is not a primary color of the AEA, and therefore the colored versions are strongly preferred. However, if you need a poster, letter, or other print media, the black logo can be used to save ink.

There are a few rules when it comes to the AEA logos:

  • DO utilize logos with high contrast for better viewing.

  • DO add plenty of margin around all sides of an AEA logo.

  • DO utilize each logo as specified above.

  • DO NOT use the AEA Black logo in non-print media.

  • DO NOT warp, recolor, or crop any part of any AEA logo.

  • DO NOT use the AEA logo on any commercial product (shirts, bags, totes, hats, etc.) as logos are a form of Intellectual Property.


Dark Blue

Logo Vibrant Blue


Light Blue


Slate Blue


Light Red


Logo Vibrant Red



The AEA color palette consists of the colors within the AEA logo, vibrant blue and red, and other complementary colors. When it comes to pairing colors with our logos:

  • DO utilize AEA colors in any hue or saturation.

  • DO place elements together with high contrast for better viewing.

  • AVOID using light red when possible, light blue is easier on the eyes and does not look like pink.

  • DO NOT utilize AEA colors with gray or black.

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