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AEA Internships

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is a growing and excited workplace. There are countless jobs related to esports, and the Amateur Esports Association recognizes that many people out there may be interested in seeing if this area of work is right for them.

The internship program at the AEA focuses on giving high-school aged individuals the opportunity to explore this avenue and develop their skills and knowledge to take into the working world. Our internships are equal parts training to application, and our priority is to give all interns the ability to learn more about the world of esports work.

The AEA is interested in Interns to train and work with us over the Summer of 2022 in the following position titles:

  • Esports Casting

  • Production Assistant / Crew

  • Competition Moderator

If you are interested in an internship with the Amateur Esports Association, please complete the application form:

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