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8 Tips to Become an Esports Pro

As many individuals in the esports industry want to, do you aspire to be a pro player someday? Being up on the big stage with thousands or millions of people watching you is not a feat that all esports players want. But if you aspire to put in the hours, practice every day, and eventually wind up playing among the best players in the world, here are some tips we gathered to help you achieve that dream. Keep in mind that esports is a risky career path, and is much more difficult to start than many career paths.

1. Love What You Do

First, we should start off by discussing the fact that you should not try to form a career in the esports industry for the money. Many big content creators and esports pros start out small, by streaming at their house as a part time job. Find a game that you love, understand how many hours a week it takes to make it, and start finding teams to play on that you get along well with.

2. Build Healthy Habits

Remember, even though your schedule may be packed with content creation and practice, your mental and physical health are extremely important! For your mental health, take breaks between games and identify when being frustrated won’t do you any good. As for physical health, check out our blog on How to Stay Healthy While Gaming to keep your body in check as well as your mind.

This tip also applies to in-game. Watch videos or replays, and learn the habits that pros use in game to make those habits in your own gameplay - who knows, maybe you’ll pick some of them up!

3. Stay Organized

Your day as an esports player will be very routine, and understanding the breakdown will help you stay organized and on track. Make a schedule each day by incorporating practice time, scrims, competitive games, and relaxation or free time outside of the game - but ensure that you keep those healthy habits as a part of your schedule, too! Stick to your routine, and soon enough you will be flying through each day with ease.

4. Practice Right and Practice Often

While practice for esports may be easier and less physically demanding than traditional sports, you still have to commit to practicing almost every day. The best players always come from tons and tons of practice early on in the game, whether their sport is basketball or Valorant. But practicing often and not learning anything is just as bad as not practicing at all. Watch your replays, be honest and open about mistakes ingame, and always have a flexible learning mindset when practicing your game.

5. Invest in Yourself

Although gaming gear can become expensive in the long run, starting small is the key to building up your perfect setup. Investing a bit of the money you’ve earned from gaming tournaments or streaming is perfect for slowly accumulating a setup that works for you. Whether you want to splurge on a headset or a nice keyboard, invest in your hobby as you would any other!

6. Marketing is Key

Marketing yourself is the key to success in the modern age. With all the social media apps on the internet, developing your own personal brand and marketing your skills and abilities is exactly what you need to be noticed by agencies or teams wanting to pick you up. YouTube is your friend for determining how to capture your personality and encapsulate it in your brand. Are you more serious, geared towards informational videos to help players improve? Or are you a little more aloof, and create content that makes people laugh? Knowing these types of questions helps you develop your image as a unique player!

7. Be a Team Player

Although a career in streaming is generally a solo endeavor, being an esports pro is not! Almost every competitively viable game that generates revenue for players is multiplayer, so be on the lookout for teams and make yourself desirable to future agencies or teammates that you may work with down the line. Connections are everything - speaking of connections, our last topic has to do with networking.

8. Networking

Picking up a new career, especially one centered around community and team play, is all about who you know. After you’ve put yourself out there and created your own brand, get to know other industry professionals, teams, or players to learn about what it takes to get onto a high profile team or into a career you’ve always wanted. Ask for advice, and more importantly, ask for help if you need it! The esports industry can be competitive, but asking for help to achieve your goals is always the right move - and some day, you may be able to return the favor!


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