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How to Support the AEA

The Amateur Esports Association, AEA, is an amazing place for youth esports players to come together and compete in high-level competition. Players who win our recurring national championship will receive scholarships to further their education after high school. The AEA accomplishes this task with outside support, as we are a nonprofit organization. Here are some ways that you can support the AEA’s mission!


One of our newest ways to support us is completely free! Amazon Smile is a program that donates a portion of the profits from eligible Amazon orders directly to the charity of your choice. The donation is made by Amazon, so it does not cost you anything extra to support the AEA. To set it up for ordering from a web browser on a computer, just follow this link. It will ask you if you want to set the AEA as your charity, which you only have to set one time. Just make sure to shop using instead of just We recommend bookmarking the amazon smile link. If you use the amazon app to shop, it is very easy to set up there as well. Amazon’s tutorial is available here.


The AEA takes direct donations through the donation button located on our website here. We integrated a direct link to our PayPal to make the donation process as smooth as possible. When we receive your donation, we will get your email address. Shortly after donating, you should receive an email from us with a gift acknowledgeable letter attached, that way you can write off your donation when you file your taxes as we are a 501(c)(3).


You may have recently seen our blog How to Start Streaming, and you can actually stream to support the AEA! The website Tiltify helps streamers easily host charity streams that directly impact their chosen nonprofit. The AEA Tiltify can be accessed here. All you have to do is make a Tiltify account and link it to your stream. You’ll set your fundraising campaign options, then select the type of campaign and goal of the fundraiser. The AEA will receive donations from your charity stream so we can help more youth get into esports! Even if you don’t use Tiltify to support the AEA we encourage you to use Tiltify to support a charity close to your heart. There are many amazing nonprofits you can access through Tiltify that are in need of financial help.

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